Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thing 5...Flickr

Before today I used photobucket as my online photo storage. Flickr seems to be a little more legit as far as the quality of photos that you can access and use. Although, you still have access to "amature" photography as well. The tags make it convenient to narrow down the images that come up during a search and when accessing different groups. When I searched "library" groups flickr came back with over 2,000 responses! Librarians and the public alike can use groups for many purposes. Alot of the groups are created to allow people who share similar interests to create discussion boards to communicate. A group can be created to share information. A person could create a group for their library and families can access it at any time. It can also be used as resource. As a new librarian you may have questions, Flickr groups can allow you to have access to the advice of librarians from all over the world!
Overall, I think that Flickr has the ability to be a useful tool in and out of the library. Because of the wide selection of quality photos that I found I plan on adding it to my tools!

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