Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thing #10: Online Image Generators

For this "thing" I found several lists of image generators. But, for some crazy reason alot of them were making my computer do WACKY things! In the end, my favorite one was image chef.
I started my quest for image generators by visiting the ones listed through the hot links on library 2 play. I basically went to each site and browsed at the images and the functions to see if there was anything that really caught my eye or sparked some inspiration. But, no luck! My moments of creativity come at the most random times! After browsing the links provided I did a google search for image generators. I browsed the list of websites that it returned. (I'm about to show my age here...but o well) One of the things that I really wanted to play around with, but my computer didn't, was the "Garbage Pail Kid" card maker! Man, if you were a kid in the 80's you had to have Garbage Pail Kid cards! But, after playing and browsing for awhile I began to rack my brain for ways to include these fun tools into my classroom curriculum or library. At this point I'm stumped. When it comes to me I'll be sure to return and update! Until then, I created a button with a personal agenda ;)! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


  1. I have just finished #10 and I am relieved to know that others had trouble with the generators as well. I have lots and lots of pictures that I wanted to link and download into buttons, signs, etc., and my computer (I think it was my computer) just didn't want to cooperate. Lots of time wasted and lots of frustration. However, Image Chef worked great! After reading the summary of your experience, I feel a bit better.
    I am a precinct chair - your button reminded me that there are lots of political applications for the image/sign generators. I appreciate your comments.