Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thing #9: Useful Library-Related Blogs and News Feeds

Well, it seems as though I'm not great at hunting down useful blogs and news feeds...YET! I liked viewing the Edublog Award Winners page because they had done the dirty work for me! They had nominated the best and allowed others to vote. They also provided links to specific catagories such as "best teacher and librarian" blog. I was beginning to give up hope on something nice and simple as far as the other search tools. Until, google once again stepped in to save the day! I had some search topics in mind that were bordering on too broad. For example, I wanted to follow the 2008 elections and womens fitness (these are in addition to library and teaching related blogs). But, google blog search made it simple and painless!
On the flip side of all that, were the more confusing search tools. The link to Feedster wasn't working. It kept directing me to the "did you mean" page. The others such as Syndic8 and Technorati would tend to come up with results that were more of a blog posting related to my search topic rather then an entire blog dedicated to the 2008 election or womens fitness. Which flustered me a little!
I was, however, directed to some really cool teacher and librarian blogs. They were full of useful information and topics to learn from. Also, I really liked the feed about the 2008 elections. I found a womens fitness "tip of the day" feed to add to my reader as well. I guess as the days go by I will see if the tips prove useful or not!
I'll keep you posted on how well I like the google reader and how often I use it.
Until then.......

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