Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing 15....Library 2.0

I must say, I agree with so much of what is being said in these articles. I truely agree with the idea that we must change our products to match our patrons or face the reality of losing them. I compare it to the progression of society...if Sony continued to make cassette players (because they didn't want to give up what they liked and what was convenient to them) while Apple began to create mp3 players, they would surely be put out of business. In this day and age we need to make the product as convenient and available if we want to remain used. It's not that patrons are going to begin ignoring the produce, in fact they are going to increase their use because it is more accessable. Some may have a fear that actual tangible pieces of media will fade away but I believe this will not happen. People are able to purchase ANYTHING online these days but the stores are still in business!

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