Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing 16...Wiki Wiki What????

Ok, so I'm a little ashamed to admit...I am having trouble "getting" this. My dad always tells me that when it comes to extremely simple tasks I am so over educated I can't figure it out. I can work with HTML code and do all kinds of complicated things with computers. But when it comes to wikis I just can't get myself enthused. I'd like to live below the line for just a moment and blame my lack of enthusiasm on my co-workers lack of interest! Ok, now that I have gotten that out of the way I'll revert back to realism. I know that I need to be the person who delves into this task and helps others become interested in using this helpful, life simplifying tool. I know that a wiki can be an AMAZING learning tool for my students and the bottom line to me is that if it benefits the kids then I'm all for it. Not only will a wiki benefit my current students, but more importantly, I need all the practice I can get in order to continue to reach my future patrons!

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