Monday, March 17, 2008

Thing 17...Trouble in the Sandbox

GRRRRR....see I still haven't gotten the hang of this wiki thing!
I went to the sandbox and read everyone's posts. I signed in using the provided username and password. Then it directed me right back to the sandbox page with no edit button in sight! It still said I needed to sign in so I kept clicking sign in...and nothing, notta, zip. :( Can someone help guide me along the way?


  1. Hi! Just log on and then at the top of the sandbox page is a button to edit. Click it go to the bottom add your comments and then choose publish them. There is a publish as draft and publish so be careful there! Wiki's are still a work in progress for me too!

    I just did the Ning's today and like them better!

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  3. Jenn,
    I tried again and found you must go to the sandbox page then log in. Then when you click edit the editing bar should appear. Go to the bottom and type your comments then be sure to click Save not save as a draft. Good Luck! You can go through my page link on Thing 17 if you want on my blog