Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thing 20...YouTube and TeacherTube

I use youtube and teachertube ALL the time! Yes, there are videos on youtube that are just silly and useless....but I guess if you really look at it...each video has a special use for each individual user. You can always rely on teachertube to produce videos that are "kid friendly" and educational. I love searching for "how to" videos on youtube. Essentially you can figure out how to do anything on there! From solving a rubix cube, learning the latest dance move, or even how to hook up a computer to an lcd projector! Thought I would add this in lieu of our latest discussion posting!

This is a video I found on teachertube that I would like to begin using when I talk about the Gettysburg Address! Full of interesting facts, yet short enough to keep their attention!


  1. good intro video for your history lesson! the other one need to convert in zamzar so it can be shared in district!

  2. Jess, I wish I had the video on connecting the projector about 4 years ago. This is a great tool for our visual learners.