Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thing 23....Summary

Whew! What a fast, furious, wild ride! Before I was exposed to the 23 things I just THOUGHT I knew alot about technology...turns out, I had no idea! There were so many fabulous activities to experience. I can see myself using each and every one of them in some way or another throughout my career. Some of my favorites were the creative "things" such as the photo editor and mashups. I also LOVE photostory! I would most definately participate in a discovery program like this in the future! Not only was it FUN but it gave me an advantage over alot of my peers! I am thrilled to have this tool to keep in contact with the many sources that I have discovered along the way and use them to keep me updated on new concepts! Woo Hoo!



  1. Love the picture...super way to express your feelings. Congratulations on completing the adventure.

  2. As I said before, you find the BEST pics to go with your blog! Congratulations Jess!