Friday, April 25, 2008

Where's the Manual????

Wellllll, since the 23 things are over I really want THIS particular blog to return to my personal writing place. Life has been dealing me quite the hand lately and I think I need some advice. I have to be honest, I wouldnt let anyone's opinion entirely sway me in one direction or the other, but I really want to take a poll!

Well, as anyone important to me already knows, for quite sometime now (and Im talking a surplus of at least two years) my boyfriend (soon to be fiance! lol) and I have been living in different states. I live in TX and he was stationed in HI and now in MD. Well, the opportunity has arisen for me to join him in MD. We both desperately want to be together on a daily basis. Currently, I probably spend a maximum of 3 months a year with him (if you add up all the short visits throughout the year. If I were to move to Baltimore we could spend a maximum of 9 months of the year together.
Here is where the dilemma comes in. I have been doing PHENOMINALLY well in my career. I was nominated for teacher of the year during my first year of teaching. I was "invited" to join a school wide decision making committe and then asked personnally by the principal to become the head of staff as well. Which basically means I would be the principals right hand WOman and representative for the staff. I also just completed my first year of graduate school....with expected straight A's I might add! I could have my masters degree in 2 years! Also, to move to Baltimore I would have to break my lease and put my things in storage and make a move for the third time in a little over a year! YIKES!!!
Sometimes it seems as though the cons (or whatever) out weigh the pros. So many people have told me that I need to follow my heart. I am truely flattered that I have so quickly become a leader smongst my peers. I finally came clean with my principal last night and she said she wants me to also do what is right for my heart. She said she would be sad for Willbern and for the students because they lost me; but she knows I will succeed no matter where I go.
I have prayed about it and Im TRYING to patiently wait for my sign. But the sands are running low and I need to have a decision made soon. Here is the poll question:

If you were me, would you:
A. Stay
B. Go

Let me know what you think because I am at a dead end as of now!


  1. Oh, wow! What a conundrum! That is an amazing choice to have to make! I have lived for months apart from my husband at times, and it is hard on your heart! And then you are doing some amazing things as a teacher and for your career. I wish there was an easy answer! It sounds like either decision would take you down a path you will enjoy!

  2. I agree with have good things waiting for you in both cases...but you asked for our choice...

    for me ( an I basically did this very thing 30 years ago)...I would stay ( 2 yrs in some ways is not that long...with all the communication devices available you can "talk") would be taking a new degree with you and some pretty imprtant profesional experiences....

    but if your bf & you have already had the long distance relationship that makes it tougher...

    and I think his opinion will figure some into this as well!

    Best wishes whatever you decide!

  3. Wow it is a huge decision you are making. Why don't you fly up as soon as school is out and stay for a few weeks. Spending a few weeks there would really help you to see what life might be like day in and day out. I think the date to resign by is usually in July! You are young and part of being young is the opportunity to try things such as moving to a new place. If you have already had a relationship long distance for a while, then it is time to move forward or move on. Otherwise you are both wasting time. Personal life always should trump your career!

  4. I am SOOOOO thrilled to know that people are still reading my blog! I deeply appreciate all of the thoughts you are sending my way! Keep reading to find out what happens!

  5. You're going to succeed no matter what! You just have that "can do spirit" that is so evident to all of us. Join your honey. No regrets! Love ya!