Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Consumation...is that a word?!?

So, I have been pretty consumed by just two things lately. Making my sisters bridal shower invites and decorating my house. They have both turned out to be quite the fiasco!! Where should I start?
See the thing is...Im quite new at card making and purely self taught. So, combine that with my insane need for perfection and you have a perfect recipe for disaster! Way back before the wedding I thought I lost my debit card...I didnt...but I reported it missing before I found out that it wasnt missing! How does that relate you say? Welllll it all started then...I couldn't buy supplies for the invites until the new card came...yes, believe it or not the town I moved to is the only town in America..without a Bank of America. So, I was stuck in limbo land for quite some time. The debit card safely arrives to my door just promptly two weeks after I request it! But, still in time to make the invites...so, I get started right away. Here's the deal with buying supplies...you sorta need a plan first....and if you know me then you would know....I usually have a vague idea in my head and know it when I see it...but nothing specific. But alas, I run off to the store and pick up what I think will suffice! HAHA turns out it takes me about three days and several different color schemes and plans before FINALLY deciding on a plan for the invites. Once I have the plan, I think I'm set...but I have a question...have you ever tried to re-create a card that was fabulous on its own...but a nightmare by the 60th one?? Lol well I have! Needless to say I went with a design that involved cutting out six letters that spell the word SHOWER and stringing them across the top of the card...sounds easy right??? Each letter was an inch and a 1/4 tall with a tiny little charm loop on the top and tiny little loops that needed to be put on each letter...lets see 6 letters time 60 cards....that makes 360 letters that had to be attached by hand to 6mm gold loops!!! WTF was I thinking??? So needless to say the construction wasn't well thought out either and they have come together a little sloppy for my taste....the letters fall off the loops on occasion (ok more often then I'd like)....and the ribbon is not staying attached to the card!! But, here I am rollin with the punches right? So, I sit down to print the insides of the invites...and can't find the paper ANYWHERE!! I have it packed away in some box I know..the location is just unknown as of now! So, I go buy more paper...good to go right? Not so much! I sit down in to print and lo and behold the damn printer is printing GREEN!!! I dunno what that things problem was...but I ended up ripping out the color cartridge and forcing it to print off black ink only! So, as of right now I'm headed down stairs to see if I can find an alternative method to attach the ribbon to the cards and then attach the inside to the card...if all goes well then I will have them in the mail tomorrow...if all goes not well...man there might not be anyone at Kylee's shower! Until then.....

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