Wednesday, July 08, 2009 far.

Ha! Well, as you can see I didn't keep up with that wedding planning thing! It is a true testament to how hard headed I can be. I tend to view myself as superwoman on occasion...clearly, this I am not! Planning the wedding and planning for moving wasn't the hardest thing I have ever done. But, it was busy and stressful at times. Lucky for us, things basically went off without a hitch. Since I have moved to PA my life has definately taken a different turn. So far, my days have been filled with unpacking, organizing, dog sitting, and idea churning. O and we must not forget my favorite...sleeping in!!
I don't really know what I think of the lifestyle yet. As with any case there are good points and not as great ones. The upside, I get to spend each day with Russ and know that its not temporary. The scenery here is beautifuil and so is the weather. We haven't used the air conditioner once! We just open the windows and let the breeze blow all day!
The not so great (very temporary) points: I don't have a job yet so I'm left feeling like I'm not doing enough during the day. i.e. I need to get off my butt and start working out and get a hobby. Do things to fill my time.
I'm the furthest I have ever been from my family and friends and that is proving to be more difficult then I could have imagined. I am already beginning to get anxious about divvying up holiday times.
Alas, I am not terribly concerned about any of these things because I know God has led me down this path for a good reason (that is unknown at this moment)....and thats ok with me.

Right now, today, I'm feeling the frustration of hurry up and wait syndrome. Russ and I recieved the $8,000 tax credit for purchasing a house in '09. We decided to use it on a few upgrades to our already great house! LOL! Out west so many houses come standard with tile floor and granite counters. Not so much on the east coast. We have quickly realized that two of the rooms that we use the most could use a little tweaking. We have decided to add an island in the kitchen and while we are at it replace the countertops from formica to granite. In the master bath we currently have a stand up shower with a curtain! (not a door) Its quite nutty to me! So, we are going to partially knock down a partition wall between the shower and toilet, take out the plastic contracter shower stall, tile in the shower, add a glass door, and open up more space in the shower. We felt like these small changes would add value to the house but also more convenience for us! The sucky part...we have had contracters in and out measuring and junk. Which in turn means we have to be around the house waiting for them to show up and messing around our daily schedule and I'm hungry darn it!
Not to mention... COMCAST SUCKS!!! Our cable box hasn't been delivering all the channels that we are paying for. So, today the cable guy comes out and it would seem that our wiring is alllll kinds of jacked up. So, he has been here for quite some time and is working on trying to figure things out. I'll have to keep you posted on that!
I guess after reading this one might think that its just sucking all around here....not the case...just life! Well thats all...until then....

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