Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ho Hum Drum

Ho Hum day today...until about 15 minutes ago!
I woke up early today to wait on the locksmith. See, here in Pennsyltucky (neighborly joke :) builders do not put dead bolts on ANY of the doors of your house. I just needed some peace of mind, so we asked a guy to come by and put them on a couple doors in our house. It was all good...he was done by 11 something...very professional and cleaned up after himself...and allowed the dogs to be out while he was working.
I sat around and read a book for awhile...indulged in a little napping too.
Decided about 4 that I should go do some grocery shopping. Ran to the local Giant....grabbed a few things...and bagged my own groceries. Yep, you heard right....they have sackers but Im guessing they are for the lines where you buy a months worth of groceries or something because every time I am in there they just pile up at the end of the conveyor belt and scream at me to bag them myself!
I got home and unpacked...O and by the way I didn't buy ANY junk! All Fat Free, Low Fat, Whole Wheat, 100 Calorie pack, and natural products thank you! No chips, candy, or sodas!
Anyway, after unpacking I decided to take the last bag of trash and recycling out to the curb for trash day. (Yes, in Pennsyltucky it is MANDATORY recycling...which Im way cool with because I always tried to recycle in the past...but in TX it was a PAIN to go drop it all off!) So, I get back to the door...and yep, you guessed it.....LOCKED! All of them were locked! I keep myself locked in here like a prison most days! I paid the price for that one today! LOL!
Thankfully, my neighbor was outside on her porch and I was able to use her phone to call Russ who remembered that another neighbor of ours had a spare key! THANK GOODNESS!!!
Anyway, I think I'll wind down for the evening...Id like to get up in the morning and use my Wii Fit and if I dont...you should call me out! Until Then....

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  1. You sure one of the dogs did not lock the door? You forget to get them treats at the store?