Monday, August 24, 2009

Ya Caught Me!

Ok ok...if you read caught me...I'm TERRIBLE at keeping up with this thing. Thats the funny thing about me...there are one million and one things that I WANT to do...but on average I'd say I feel like...ehhh...maybe ten get done! Im starting to think I have ADD! (that is in no way a self I flit from one home improvement project and hobby to the next allll day long! I have quite a bit of time to myself these days (excluding weekends) and here are the things I would like to be doing (in no particular order):
1. Jumping back on the eating right band wagon: On a daily basis Im eating maybe one or two complete meals....out of pure laziness...and I am fully aware that is harmful to me...and my weight!
2. Attending yoga and dance classes: two things I love...but apparently not as much as I love my bed and couch?!?
3. Making cards and scrapbooking pages: dont even know why Im not doing this?!? HGTV, Intervention, Big Brother, 18 Kids and Counting, and Jon and Kate Plus 8 were calling? and there is no TV in the craft room? (pure excuse)
4. Decorating every single room of my house (excluding the kitchen and office..they are done): lets face it doesnt grow on trees and there are a TON of things I could use to spice up these spaces!
5. Lawn Care and Gardening: I wont lie....its still HOT outside!
6: Baking and Cooking healthful and tasty tasty meals: laziness??

I have good intentions right??? But, lets face it....I have GOT to stop making excuses!!! That, my friends, is why I am subliminally enlisting the help of all of you! I decided to "advertise" my blog to you all on Facebook to keep me accountable in a sense. Because you are all such AWESOME friends and family members I expect you to read my blog, post comments, and call me out when Im not doing all of those things that I said I wanted to do!!! So, are you in?? Until Then.....

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