Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And Imma still smile even if it's rainin'

Was havin a Mary J. moment there! It is raining here today...which to me is bliss compared to tons of snow!! Here are a few reasons I'm excited about the rain!!

#1 I got my new rain boots a couple of days ago and have just been aching for an excuse to wear them! They make you feel like a kid all over again!
#2 Rain means the temperature is slightly higher and it also melts snow!!

Here are a couple of other things that I'm currently infatuated with (although they have nothing to do with rain ;)
Martne's GoGo Squeez Apple sauce! This stuff is awesome! It's marketed entirely for kids but immediately attracted me because of the simplicity! You need no spoon or bowl and best of all!?! One packet equals one fruit serving, there is no sugar added, and one packet is around 50 calories! What What!! Not to mention...it tastes SO GOOD! To find out where you can buy GoGo Squeez go here!

Calavo Guacamole Chips!! I couldn't find a very good informational site for the chips alone...but Calavo is a company based out of California that is more widely known for their produce. The chips seem to be a fairly new product...the ingredients list was pretty pleasing (i.e. I knew what all the ingredients were...no crazy mumbo jumbo). Things like sunflower oil, milk, salt, etc.

One down fall..MSG! But, all things in moderation right?!?

If all goes well, I'm going to attempt my first Crossfit workout tonight! I'm pretty scared...it's known for being brutal! I'm going to try and post a comment about the workout along with my loads, reps, and times. LOL and no, it won't be because I'm proud of them. Crossfit is a scale-able program and I'll have to keep track of all that stuff to track improvements. Anyway..until then....

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  1. Well, I didn't die..and I DID finish the workout! So thats all good there! LOL!

    Dead Lifts: need a little work on my form...stuck with just the bar tonight

    Bench Press: used the bar tonight but I'm ready for a little more...put me in coach

    Pull Ups: Eeek...I was able to do a max of 7 (too bad you go by the min!) with assistance and a min of 2...but hey Im giving myself some credit considering I had NEVER attempted one before!

    Sprints: we weren't sure how we were supposed to keep up with our time but my it was somewhere just under the minute mark for a push up then 100M sprint set.

    The hubby said all that matters is I finished my first one! So YAY me!