Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 Knocks Newlywed on her A**!!

So here it is, about a week or so after the craziest amount of snow I have ever seen landed at my door step. I'm beginning to feel the fog lift. You always hear how people in Alaska have high depression rates and people in Hawaii are typically happy...I believe it!

I can't remember the exact dates (they all kind of ran together eventually) but it started somewhere around the 5th. We all geared up for several inches of snow...just as the weather was calling it. I felt all good about things...we had went to the grocery store and had plenty to snack on and Russ was home so that is always comforting. The snow hits and we end up with a little over 2ft. total. big deal...our neighbor came over with his snow blower and helped Russ clear our drive way....I was "Martha Stewarting it up" in the house making hot chocolate. Had the neighbors over for chicken enchiladas...things were goin smooth! Then, the news hits!! The weather men forecast a snow storm just as large in a couple of days!!! I'm like "sure, what do weather men know?!?"
That'll teach me. Sure enough 3 days later another blast hits and we get 2ft. or more AGAIN!!
Some people may be thinking....o wow that's awesome! no work! stay inside all day!'s really NOT all its cracked up to be! It totally wrecked my gym routine and decent eating habits! When you wake up in the morning and you cant leave your house (even if you wanted to) and its dark outside and you go to bed the same way it can really start to take a toll!

But the beautiful thing about humans....we are I'm beginning to see a light at the end of my snow blocked tunnel! The sun has been shining (don't get me wrong it's not warm) the past couple of days and is starting to melt off the 4ft. drifts and 10ft. snow plow piles! Here are a couple of pics I took just for fun...I'm giving photography a shot these days!

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