Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talk the Talk

So I started working at the gym Russ and I have been going to recently. They needed some extra help in the day care and at the front desk. This may not sound like a prestigious career or might be thinking "What is a girl with a degree doing working at a job like that?" But, I must say, I like it.
I work during the day, which is a plus for many reasons:
  • I get to work with young kids that aren't school age yet...including babies! Much to my surprise... I LOVE the babies! They are so cute!
  • I am always home at nights and weekends when Russ is home
  • The job is not over stressing me or consuming my time...I leave work and leave work there!
  • The owner is WAY laid back so when I need time off it's no big deal!
  • I'm not being micro-managed
  • A free gym membership to boot! WHAT? WHAT!!
  • It provides the most motivation and opportunity a person could need to go to the gym!

Which brings me to my next topic! I feel like I'm being guided into situations that are going to help me align my life goals so I decided I wanted to do something that most people don't in a life time. I have decided to add reading the Bible, from cover to cover, in a year or less to my list of goals. You know the old saying "Ignorance is bliss" ? I don't think it applies here. I want to read the Bible to gain knowledge. I want to know the story. I'm really approaching it just like any other book: for enjoyment, knowledge, and historical reference. I am sure that my faith can only get stronger by reading it as well. I've met many people in my life who are non-believers or have little faith. I often wonder what it would be like for them if they had different exposure?!? I want to have all the tools to make my own informed decision. Choose not to be a "poser", if you will. I'm either going to talk the talk and walk the walk....or not?!?! I went to the book store yesterday and I looked at all the Bibles for quite awhile. I ended up choosing the Hope for Today Bible that contains notes and encouragements from Joel and Victoria Osteen. I was pretty excited because I enjoy listening to Joel Osteen very much. He makes it all so applicable and relateable. It's a New Living Translation as well so I am able to follow the story much easier!

I've read a few chapters of Genesis so far and I can already tell that this is the sort of book one would read parts of over and over and look to for encouragement. Anyhow, I'm going to put a little ticker on the side of my page to keep ya updated on my progress! Until then....

Oh yeah, question of the day: Does anyone listen to Dave Matthews any more?!? Russ and I still got love for him!

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