Monday, March 08, 2010

Adventures in Snowboarding

Continuing with the theme of the week: "firsts", Russ and I went skiing/snowboarding on Friday! We were able to get a really great deal through the Chaplain of the unit, who organized the whole trip. I was able to get an all day pass, rent equipment, take a lesson, and have lunch for 35 bucks!! Russ started skiing years ago but hasn't gone in quite awhile so he was itching to get on the slopes! I, of course, opted for the path less traveled...snowboarding! I really wanted to conquer the challenge!

The morning started out great! The sun was shining and the wind was calm. We made it to Liberty Mountain around 8:30am and we were able to check in and get my equipment right away. After suiting up I headed to the lesson meeting area. The first snowboarding lesson started at 10. This gave Russ the perfect opportunity to go off and explore the whole mountain and all the advanced trails without having to leave me behind! So, while he did that I began my lesson. We started out with the basics: how to strap in to the board, straight rides, etc. All of that went over well for me. Then came the turns: heel side and toe side...these were proving to be a bit more difficult to master but I was holding my own (i.e. no major crashes yet!). So then our instructor says it's time to take on the lift and begin linking turns! Eeek! That hill looks steep! I conquer the lift with crashes getting on or off all day!
Up until we got to the top of the mountain we hadn't actually had both feet strapped onto the board yet. We were practicing with one foot in and one out, which made it entirely too easy to put your foot down in order to avoid a major mishap! At the top of the hill we strap both feet in and get ready to practice linking turns...both feet attached to a board is a WHOLE new ball game. Our instructor guided us down the hill doing one turn and then taking a rest as a group...most of us were HOT MESSES! I struggled the whole way! I don't know if it was the pressure of trying to good in front of the group or over thinking the process or what!?! But, after quite a few crash and burns I made it to the bottom of the hill safely. I was definitely NOT ready to give up; but, I was pretty hungry!
I met up with the hubby and we decided to explore our food options. After refueling I was completely ready for round two! This time Russ said he would come up with me. **Here is one of the most beautiful things about marriage. I wasn't worried about being perfect in front of him at all! I got on that lift and got off with ease, strapped on my board, and too my first run! It didn't go without error but it was the best one yet! Things only got better from there. I was able to calm down and stop over thinking things and just ride! I have a video on our camera...but as luck would have it I'm having difficulty with it.
After my last run of the day I stopped at the bottom to unstrap and two ladies asked me if I was done for the day. I told them yea, I didn't want to over do it. They said "o man, we were going to follow you down and watch. We thought you really looked like you knew what you were doing!" I bet my mouth hung open about 2 feet! I was so flattered! I Thanked them a ton and told them it was just my first day! That right there made all the crashes worth it!!

Not just that, but spending the day learning something new with my husband is one of those priceless events that can never be replaced! Until then...

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