Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Slow Down

Ahh, summer, how it seems to have come and gone so quickly! Someone, though Im not sure who, may have been wondering, "Where have you been?" The answer, ALL OVER! Enjoying every minute of summer until the last drop! My cards didnt really take a break although none of them have made it to posts lately. I've been feeling a little self concious about the final products lately so they were never published!
Back in June I did a set of shower invites for a friend of mine from high school. She loved them and raved about them at our very recent 10 yr. reunion! I also did a Thank You Card for the gals who planned and put on the reunion and a get well card for my neighbor. I have been toying with the design of Halloween and Christmas cards for a little while now but I havent settled on a definate design.
As far as life goes...lets see.... the hubby and I celebrated our 1 yr. wedding anniversary in June! We took a trip to the Dominican Republic. We stayed at an all inclusive resort on the beach and had a magical time! Getting home on the other hand wasnt so magical! But, we made it!
I also recently took a trip back to Houston and attended my 10 yr. high school reunion. It was fun to get back to H-Town and see all the peeps. Especially my girl Cole! The reunion itself, was interesting to say the least. As much as you'd think things changed in 10 doesnt really.
Im back in Pennsyltucky now though. Just livin the daily life. I have started private tutoring 3 days a week. On some days it makes me miss teaching...on others Im just fine! I have also been working fairly diligently at keeping up with our garden! We got such a late start this year Im not sure how much of it will actually produce before winter sets in. But, this year was totally a learning process so I wont be entirely disapointed either way.
I also decided it was time to take up running this summer. I started on a couch to 5K plan a while back. I have been doing pretty well. Im now running at least 3-4 days a week and strength triaining at least twice a week. So far, Im pleased with my progress in the sport. I am planning on the hubster and I doing the Warrior Dash 5K in October! Pretty Exciting! Anyway, thought Id give a little update on what I've been up to. If you are reading, I'd love to hear from you! Until then.....

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