Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's my first time! This gem was started by Sydney over at The Daybook! She prolly doesn't know it yet, but I think she is pretty RAD and I don't even know her!! Check her out fo sho!

  • Taking 10 min. or more to come up with my first awkward moment.
  • My "bird nest" hair first thing in the morning.
  • Ordering food, not liking it, and the moment that the waitress notices you have a lot left and says "Would you like a box"?
  • Eating 5 Great American Sugar Cookie Icing Sandwiches in a week! (500+ calories.) Yes, I think so!
  • Miranda in SATC (Sex and the City), the early season's, with her insanely unflattering hair cut and overalls. Did New Yorkers really ever wear overalls???
  • Johnny Depp films.
  • Only ordering food for delivery because you are too afraid to see where it has been cooked! 

  • Great American Cookie Company's Icing Sandwich Cookies!
  • My bird nest hair in the morning.
  • Sex and The City ( I have watched every single episode so many times I've lost count!)
  • Having 5 followers now! (and counting I hope!)
  • Feeling inspired to write so much lately.
  • Almost 3 books finished toward my 100 book goal!
  • Finishing my first "Awkward and Awesome Thursday"! Thanks Sydney!
Until Then.......


  1. so fun!! and don't worry I took a while to come up with my awkwards also I had think think think like winnie the pooh! ha

  2. I love the daybook! I just did my list too I loveeee the first awkward you put because guaranteed I did the same thing with my list haha

  3. oh jeeze, I couldn't agree with you more about Johnny Depp films and the early Miranda years. sometimes, I wonder how the actors/ actresses must feel after seeing themselves onscreen during that time.

  4. You forgot your awesome shot glass ice cube molds!