Friday, January 21, 2011

Check Me Out!!!

I am well on my way to achieving #29 on my life list!

#29 Learn to hit a target with a bow and arrow.

We took a trip down to the local Bass Pro Shop tonight so that Hubster could spend some gift cards that he had gotten for Christmas. While we were there I mentioned to him that I'd like to learn to shoot a bow and we were looking at the different types and such. A salesman came out and asked us if we needed any help so I decided to take full advantage and start asking him a bajillion crazy questions! He started to show me a few bows that he thought might be a good place to start and I mentioned to him that I felt like I was what he called "left eye dominant-or goofy hand :)" but they didn't have any left handed bows to check out. Then he asked if I wanted to try one out....I was like Oh Heck Yea! Because if you remember the new years resolution--enter Celine Dion's voice singing "What do ya say to taking chances?" LOL!!! So, he let Hubster and I go back into the range and my moms and pops were able to watch through a lil viewing area. He helped me strap on the release and then showed me the proper technique and then I was able to try it out!!! The first shot was really exhilarating! I did it! I got to try about six or seven times and by then my arm was gettin tired!!!! I'm hooked! I'm ready to buy all the stuff and get to practicing!!!! Totally high on life right now!!
Until Then.....


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  1. Good for you! Way to take advantage of an opportunity and seize the moment! Hard to imagine little ol' you shooting a bow, but hey, I'm not one to judge, I got a pistol for Christmas...hahaha!