Saturday, January 15, 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 3 Shades of Gray

Can I just say that I was CHOMPING at the bit to get this week's theme!!! Last night after midnight I was secretly hoping they would post it! LOL! But, it was there and waiting for me this morning! The theme for week three is "Shades of Gray". I LOVE black and white photos but when I first read the theme I felt a little worried. I knew I wanted to use something with shades of gray naturally incorporated rather than just photograph anything and edit it. My mind was churning all day as I browsed the Internet. Then, like lightening, it hit me! My lovely gray black, grey, and white flannel!!! I hung it against the white backdrop of the bathroom door and started shooting away!!! I love how it turned out! But now I have to wait an entire 7 days to get the next theme!! HAHA! What do you guys think??
Until then...


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