Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 4 "Soothing Repetition"

Hi yall!!! I just submitted my third photo entry to the MCP Project 52 Challenge! I haven't missed a week yet! (aside from the very first week, but you might remember I'm not really counting that one because I wasn't aware of the project yet ;)
Anywho, this week's theme is "Soothing Repetition". When I read the theme on Saturday although I was very excited to get started, but, this week I decided to let the topic marinate and see where my imagination took me! I began to notice the natural repetition around me in so many ways! But, it wasn't always soothing per say. Once, as my family and I were driving through the backwoods of Louisiana I saw several old men posted up on a bank with their fishing poles just waiting for a bite! I wanted that picture so badly but I was terrified to disturb them; afraid that I would scare the fish or offend them! So, I passed that opportunity up.
Several people submitted pics of knitting (very fitting for the theme, piano keys, rain drops, snow falling, etc. There were also a number of original submissions as well. But, I ended up going with something a little more obvious but very near and dear to my heart.

Music!!!! But not just any music...David Gray! One of my favorite songs is This Year's Love and the Live version is soooooo good!!! I took a the pic of my iphone while it was set to repeat the song and made sure the emphasize that! I'm pretty pleased with the turn out! What do you guys think??? Have any of you decided to join the project or enjoy taking pics just for fun???

Until Then......

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  1. Interesting take on the topic, Jess! I love taking pictures for fun but don't do it often enough.