Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty Little Things

I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite things that I have purchased in the new year. Wow, after saying that I sorta felt like Oprah for a minute! Except without the giving it all away to you part. Darn! Maybe some day!

I'm finally feeling like dolling up again and I love it!
I saw this first little jewel as I was walking the mall with my mom. It was in the window of Charlotte Russe and I wanted it right away. I wear boyfriend v-necks with cardigans like they are going out of style so I was instantly drawn to this. I decided to leave it behind because I own so many sweaters all ready. But, a week later I was still thinking about it so I decided that if I went back and they still had the cardi then it was meant to be. How lucky...they did!!!! I don't wear it all buttoned up and stuffy, I typically leave it open. I love the color and the bows on the shoulders!
I also got the most adorable, yet bad a** ring to go along with it! It's a side by side two finger ring which totally gives it that edgy feel!

My seester and I were shopping in DSW right after Christmas when we saw the cuh-utest lil running tennies from Adidas. Again, we really struck gold because they only had three pairs left! One in my size, one in hers, and one 10!!! We both snagged a pair!

While traveling I ran out of eye liner and needed to pick some up. Has anyone else tried L'oreal's Extra Intense Liquid Eyeliner Pencil???? Well, if you like your liner intense and yearn for smooth application...then this is the pencil for you! I love it so much!

Two more products I have fallen for this year thanks to my RAD seester! Sebastian Shaper Hairspray and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder!! You can google both products and purchase them at several stores! If you aren't a styling expert (much like myself) these products can work wonders for you!!! The volumizing powder is soooo easy! You just sprinkle it on a part and use your fingers to create the volume! I always make a rats nest if I try to back comb!

Hope you guys have enjoyed the products!
Until then.....



  1. i just got bike parts :)

  2. I LOVE that eyeliner too, it is amazing!!