Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Confessional

Heyyyyy everybody!!! So, lately while I have been reading a lot of my favorite blogs I have noticed that some have set aside certain days of the week to blog about a certain topic and they often have "Linky Parties" where others can link back to their own blog and share in the fun! This is a really good way to connect super cool bloggers with one another; not to mention it's tons o' fun reading everyone's posts! I'm sure at first there may not be many to read...but I'm not letting go of my vision! Someday this blog will be read by many! It just takes a little time! :) So, without further a do I present to you:

Sunday Confessional!!!!

Sometimes we all need to let our little secrets out. Now, I'm talkin about the kinda secrets that won't hurt anyone, but rather, may inspire or console. Not the kinda secrets that you could get arrested for!!! We want fun things here that will help your shoulders feel a lil lighter once you've spilled the beans!!! Be funny, be creative, let loose, be real, but most of all HAVE FUN!!! So, here goes, my first Sunday Confessional!!

1. I often see people out in public doing things that I think would make really great, impactful (yes I'm pretty sure that is not a real word!), emotional pictures. But, I'm way too scared that I'll offend them so I don't take the pic!

2. I have a secret love affair with all things filled to the very brim with SUGAR and that includes wine!!!

3. Because of this love affair I often consider wearing Spanx to places like the grocery store and the post office just so that I will feel better about myself!

4. I often unconsciously spin my nose ring and I think that others may believe that I'm picking my nose!

5. I do a happy dance and cheer out loud every SINGLE time I get a comment on my blog or my photos on Flikr!!! :-)

There ya go! Those are my first 5 confessions!! What kind of things are you guys dying to share or get off your chest???? Since I'm not sure how to have a Link Party just yet feel free to add the link to your blog in your post and some day (WHEN this becomes a hit) I will have a real place to link and fun-cutie patootie badge for you to add on your page!!!!

Until Then.......


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