Friday, January 07, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle errr.... 2011!

Phew! I bet if you read previous posts on this blog you are most likely very lost as to what the focus is!! Me too...well until now! Sure, I could have gone through and deleted all of the old posts and started from scratch...but I think the evolution of this blog is a true testament to the evolution and resilience of me! I recently went through a period in my life where I needed to re-work some things and figure out how "Jess" fit into a more "grown up" life. I got married and moved away from my entire family and friends. Hubs turned 30 this year and with all of those changes came more responsibility. Yea, some of you may be thinking "Duh!" a+b=c right?!? You've gotta remember who you're talking to here! The day my mom took me to pre-school I told her "Momma, I don't want to grow up." I said the same thing the day I graduated high school! I guess after some time I quit saying it out loud but didn't let go of the fear on the inside.
I guess it has taken me this long to realize--I don't have to stop having fun just because my age gets larger!!! (and surprisingly, the number getting higher doesn't really concern me!) I have decided that the saying must be true for me--I'm like a fine wine, I just get better with age! ;-)
I sort of felt that because society said that people of a certain age had to dress a certain way, or act a certain way, or refrain from doing things that are not in the "norm". I seemed to have gotten all caught up trying to squeeze myself into this "grown-up" box and all the while I knew I'd never fit!
So with the arrival of 2011, I have decided that I'm going to live anywhere I want...whether it's inside or outside the box!!! So, without further a due,  let me introduce you to myself! ;-)

I'm 28 and Chuck Taylors and hoodies are still a main staple in my wardrobe and I have no idea if I'll ever change that!
I'm so unpredictable that I rarely ever do anything on a consistent basis; except read, I LOVE to read!
I read every single night, it could be a magazine or any number of books that I read simultaneously. I read about all sorts of things: health, fitness, diet, cooking, baking, crafting, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, biographies, and self help...just to name a few! hehe ;-)
I typically avoid reading or watching the news...I know, I know....soooooo not grown-up of me. Well, sorry folks, I just can't bear to listen to all the grief, tragedy, and non-sense they talk about most of the time. Some might call it avoidance or naivety or whatever you want...but, I don't care! lol! You never know how much of the information is an accurate description that hasn't been "altered" some how anyway!
Most of the time I wear my nail polish until it chips off on it's own!
I LOVE warm weather, but, I live in the north where it is verrrry cold because I LOVE my husband more!
Sushi, wine, and bubbly (champagne) are some of my favorite indulgences.
Sleep is one of my best friends.
I change my hair color and length on average of 3 or more times a year!
Miranda Lambert's song "Heart Like Mine" fits me to a tee!
And those are just a few things that were on my mind today!
Until Then....

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  1. I'm growing up too! and reading your blog helps me write better in mine, even though my bikes do all the speaking..
    Jess I am grateful you are in my (our) family, crazy all the things we have been though over the years. So here's to the new year! and the years following. Family is always where its at.