Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Apologies are In Order.....

It's been an entire week since I have posted, I know, I'm sorry. My writers brain has been feeling a little like the Sahara....dry! I have thoughts but I guess I never got around to typing them out. I'm back at my house in Pennsyltucky and once again going through a daily routine adjustment. I had A LOT of cleaning and unpacking to do when I got home. It was nearly February (which, it is now) and we still had our Christmas decorations up! (Gasp!!!) Want another shocker?!? Our Christmas lights are still on our house!! (Double Gasp!!!) See, if you have been out from under any rock lately then you already know the weather has been NUTS...which isn't really uncommon for these parts I guess. So, our lights are remaining on the house until there is no more snow or ice on the roof and I can remove them safely without breaking my neck!!!

Also, since I have gotten home, I have been on quite the little de-cluttering and organizing spree. I'll open a drawer and notice how disgustingly full and messy it is and totally side track myself by stopping whatever I was doing, and clean up the mess. I have been working on creating a home maintenance/ home planner notebook. (Which is on my "to do" list) It has emergency contacts and information, phone lists (in case our cell phones take a dive), birthdays, pet info, a section for coupons, receipts, budget info, etc., etc. Sound a little obsessive?!? Well o-well. Hubster and I have a goal we are working towards. We are currently almost entirely debt free. We still have my pesky student loans, our car loans, and our home loan..but we have no credit card debt of any kind!!! Very exciting!! So, we would love to be able to pay off a car this year and put another huge chunk into savings. Because, I can't believe I'm about to say this, the thought of trying to have a little nugget of our own comes up in conversation more and more often these days and you gotsta have money to maintain one of those!!!!

One other note, I'm having a really hard time with this week's theme for my 52 week photo challenge. The theme is "muse" and yes, I'm not ashamed to say that I looked up the exact definition on Nothing brilliant has come to me yet. Any ideas???



  1. Can you come organize my house please?!?

    What about a favorite book, song etc for a muse? What makes you creative lil' miss crafty?

  2. Randy7:42 PM

    Nugget? Huh never really heard that term used for that. But if I think in that way I guess it works!
    Because I wound up with two daughters that are worth more than GOLD to me.
    Remember. No window smudges in the car !