Friday, February 25, 2011

CPK $10 Gift Card ~ For You and For Me

I'm trying to earn a complimentary gift card from PLUM REWARDS! Who doesn't love CPK?!?

Here is how the deal works:

Refer Two Friends and Get a $10 California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card from Plum District. I'll need YOUR help to do it.
Plum District is the leading deal site for savvy moms (or dads or anyone in general!) and their families to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Oh yea, and about that help: if I get 2 people to sign up for Plum District today, I'll get my gift card. If you sign up, you may have a chance to earn a complimentary gift card, too! Oh and by the's totally FREE to sign up!

Just follow the link below!

There are some very specific guidelines that you will have to follow in order to assure that I qualify for the GC and your friends will want to know in order to help you get one too!!!

Please assure that my unique link is added or I will not receive credit for your referral! Womp Womp!

My unique link is as follows:

I will be officially indebted to who ever helps me out so don't hesitate to ask for a favor in return! :)

There is one more catch!
I only have 13 hours to get two referrals! The deal ends at midnight-tonight-February 25, 2010!

Happy Plumming! and Thanks for being AWESOME!

Until Then...

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