Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For Your Sweetie

Hi lovelies!!! How has everyone been?? Things are great here in the North! Can you believe that V-day is just around the corner?!? I thought you might like it if I shared some of the things that I have been swooning over! No!!! Not for me! Maybe as ideas for your man to get for you!!! You could always leave the link to my blog casually lying around in places like the bathroom mirror or in his lunch!
(Or if your the man here are some lovely ideas for your lady!)
Or MAYBE you will be buying for yourself this year! That's rad too!
If you have read my blog before you already know that I enjoy taking pictures! I can't really say that I'm a photographer yet because I have A LOT to learn!! For the picture taking lady in your life what better, than this cuh-uuute camera necklace from Simply Sweet Studio on Etsy! The best part?!? All the cuteness for only $14 dollars! Don't have a photographer in your life?? No worries they make tons of other lovely things too!
While I am on my photography and Etsy kick lets throw this in too! A beautiful, ruffly, little camera strap cover!!! They have tons on Etsy but the one I have my eye on is from The Polka Dot Bungalow. It was sooo hard to pick just one!!!
Surely you guys have heard of Toms before?!? But, just in case you haven't click the link and learn a little! They are awesome because the roll like this: One for One. With every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need! Can't get any better than that right?!? Wrong!! These are suuuupppeerrrrr cute!!! I for one am drooling over this H-O-T pair!
This last item may be a little harder if you are buying for someone! But, don't fret my pets there are always gift cards and shopping sprees in the mix!!! RED DENIM JEANS!!!!!! With stars like Lauren Conrad and SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) rocking these reds you can't go wrong! I can't wait till I get a pair!!! How holiday appropriate are these babies????

Can't afford to splurge this year?!? No worries! I have got something that will go straight to any girl or guy's heart!!! Desert! I have been DYING to try this Strawberry Cupcake Recipe from the amazing Annie at Annie's Eats! She has several other scrumptious Valentine's recipes too!! After visiting her site you probably wake from a fog and find yourself in a grocery store gathering ingredients!!

(Cupcake picture courtesy of Ant's Cupcakes. Annie has the photo of her lovelies copy righted and who can blame her! :)

I hope that you guys have found some Valentines day inspiration here at my lil spot!
What are you guys pining over right now or hoping to get on the big day?!?
Until Then.....


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