Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late Night Ramblings

Welp folks. V-day is officially over so I think it's about time that I take down the Valentine-esque banner that I created and come up with something else! But, I have no idea what just yet!! So, be on the look out for that!

My V-day was great!!! How about you guys?!? Anything special, exciting, romantic happen????

Hubster and I are preparing for a VERY exciting trip to NYC!!!! I am beside myself!

The calendar is really beginning to look quite busy and exciting for the next few months! Should make for some good blogging!

Woops- lil failure on my two week goal to photograph my food! I kept forgetting to take the pic until half my plate was gone! I guess it wasn't making me think twice!! Then, the weekend came, and well, I was busy having fun!!!

This week's photo challenge theme is "Open your heart" I had an idea very early in the week...but then a whole buncha other folks had the same idea!!! So, I canned that one. I have another idea that I am currently mulling over-but this theme is kinda tough!!! Hmmmm what will I come up with?!?

Finally got around to painting my finger nails today! A lovely chocolate. As I was painting I was almost tempted to lick my fingertips. But then I remembered it wouldn't taste good! :) Too bad my toenails still resemble Godzilla's! Thank goodness Hubster said "For better or worse" ;-)

Whats going on in your world?!?

Until Then.....

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  1. NYC is ALWAYS an exciting trip. Hope it goes great for you guy's!