Friday, February 11, 2011

What's on My Menu

It's that time of day again peeps. Time to confess! Haha! So far, for me it hasn't felt like I'm owning up to a sin or anything. But, one thing did happen today that doesn't often happen! Subconscious or not?!? Your guess is as good as mine!

I ate three meals!! Haha! How crazy?!?

For breakfast I had a mini whole wheat bagel with full fledged cream cheese and a 4 pack of powdered donuts. Lots of that bad?!? 

Lunch consisted of left over half a pork chop and cheesy taters with honey mustard.

And for dinner, well, that pic looks a bit sparse huh?!? I am still getting used to remembering to take the pics so I kinda forgot until I was nearly finished!!! I forgot to put something out to thaw so hubster and I had Chinese Take Out! We share what they call the "three case item"! They load that to go box up so tight! Hubster HATES mushrooms so I get a small carton of steamed rice and he gives me all the mushrooms and carrots from his meal. I'm not a fan of the meat there...seems suspect if ya know what I mean! I also had a fried shrimp egg roll!

OOOh yea! I may or may not have had some spinach dip after hubs fell asleep and this had already been posted. ;-)

On to tha dranks!

I had part of a Dr. Thunder (a frugal woman's Dr. Pepper) early this A.M. See, I have a rule and this is what it is: I only drink one soda per day AND because I only indulge once in awhile I just buy the cheap stuff because it tastes pretty much the same and costs WAY less!!!

Unsweetened Tea with dinner and LOTS of water before bed!!!

What do you guys think about my current diet?!?
Do you have crazy eating habits?!?
What is your favorite indulgence???

Until then.....

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