Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's on Tonight?!? Part 1

So for some crazy reason I thought that you kids might like to talk TV with me for a moment! I do A LOT of I already know that allll the experts recommend like 2 hours of TV or less a day. (Do exercise videos count?!? Because if so I now have a great excuse for avoiding them!) Anyway, Hubster and I really don't watch a huge amount of TV on a regular basis. We do have our personal faves that we try to catch and it's become our little routine to sit and watch at least one show a night after dinner(depending on the length of the show).

I mean golly...The Bachelor is two hours long all on its own!!! And thank goodness I can continue watching it now that Brad has given the (proverbial) boot to Michelle!!! More on that in a next time.

I'm curious what you peeps are watching these days and how much?!? But, you know the deal...I'd never ask without divulging my own dirty secrets first!!

I think I'll just go down the list in order of the day! These are my current selections along with a few of Hubsters. Because after all, "marriage is a two way street; not a highway and a bike path!" (Vince Vaughn in Couples Retreat)

As the seasons change Sunday night is often one of the most exciting television watching nights! I mean, with football on ALL DAY (and no, there isn't any trace of annoyance in my voice about that ;) and Desperate Housewives and Amazing Race at night it can be tough not to stay glued to the tube all day!!

But, ok seriously, enough side tracking! Here is what we are watching now! (and my opinions about the show for good measure haha)

Sunday Night:
Pretty boring right now:
Desperate Housewives: I missed several of the early seasons of this show. But, it was easy for me to fall in love. Those ladies make being a housewife look fashionable, fun, exciting and well, there sure isn't a shortage of drama on Wisteria Lane! Who is your favorite housewife?!? I like Brei just because she is a red head and is totally letting loose these days! Quite the Cougar!

Coming Soon:
The Amazing Race: I WANT to be on this show! I love to watch them complete the challenges and how all the relationships grow and change during the race!! This season is going to be a classic revenge season; past competitors get to return to try and make up for "unfinished business". Very Exciting! Do you have a favorite team that you will root for? It's really going to be tough for me to choose considering they are all past contestants!

Can't wait for:
True Blood: If you have been with the show from day one it's guaranteed you are an addict! But, if you are just trying to join in you will NEVER catch up! I love this show just for the excitement! Something crazy is always goin down! Oh and Sookie is HOT! Duh! What's your take on the whole vampire craze?!?

East Bound and Down: Three words. Kenny Freakin Powers. Nuff Said! Bahahaha! He's gonna have a baby! You won't want to miss that!

Boardwalk Empire: A look into the 20's during Prohibition on the East Coast! Very cool with plenty of mystery and drama!! They left the end of season 1 in such a good place! We are all waiting for more!

Don't worry! I'd never watch them all in one sitting! Thank Goodness for DVR!!!!

What are you guys watching on Sunday nights?!?

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  1. Real Housewives, Kourtney & Kim Take NY and Extreme Home Makeover!!!