Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm not a Caveman

This is not a failure-just a readjustment. Turns out, the no carb, no sugar diet is NOT for me. Today was day 6...I have GAINED two pounds since beginning the diet. I am not a caveman-I need carbs!!!


You know, I have read all the books and magazine articles. I have taken all the pills and snake oils. I know about this junk, so, I know that there could be tons of reasons for gaining rather than losing.

Here is the bottom line. I just want to be healthy, happy, and at an appropriate body weight. The stress of this diet; worrying about following the plan strictly enough, feeling hungry-then over eating a food that I thought was allowed (Confession: I have consumed nearly an entire jar of peanut butter in about four days!) is causing me to gain weight rather than lose it!

So, here is the new plan.
I am going to eat all things IN MODERATION!
I am NOT going to binge on ANYTHING!
I am going to continue to drink water and tea and ZERO soda (no diet or regular).
I am going to keep intense sugary treats at cupcakes, ice cream, cake, etc. except on special occasions!
I am going to continue to cook at home every day of the week except Saturday.
I am going to eat when I am hungry and stay out of the kitchen when I'm not!
I am going to keep fried foods (including french fries) at a MINIMUM.
I am going to get back to yoga, running, and walking everyday.

There you have it folks. That is my new plan. No expert advice. No book. No strict plan to follow. Should be interesting right?!? At the very least, a TON less stressful!!! I might not lose 30 pounds but I will definitely maintain a healthy weight and have fun doing it!!!

I will continue to use books and sites like Cook This Not That, Carb-Lovers Diet, and Taste of Home.

Welp, I'll be sure an keep you updated on how this works for me!!

Until Then...

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