Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 10 Childhood Toys

This week's theme was really fun!

I'm pretty glad that I haven't moved all of my childhood toys to my new house in "tucky", because if I had, I would have had SUCH a difficult time choosing just one!

I mean, the result would have been a pile of toys that were bursting out of the frame!!! Photography vomit, if you will!

I had such a blessed childhood. Don't get me wrong-my family was not rich-my sister and I did not get every single toy that we asked for when we walked into the store. But, the ones we did have were really special! Filled with memories!

Plus, I was the kid who was content playing with adult "hand me downs" rather than toys! Some of my most treasured things:
An OLD rotary telephone!
Used up purses (the glitzier the better)
Costume jewelry (missing a gem here and there)
HIGH HEELS! (any and all)
Fancy jammies and clothes (the ones that no longer fit ur mommy!)
A hand-made apron at my Memaws.
Old skeleton keys on a string (if you have the thing they unlock you get bonus points)

Yep, these are the things that fueled my imagination as a child!

This week I decided to take a old well loved suitcase from my childhood and portray something that I couldn't get enough of:

Some of my most fond memories as a girl are the times my sister and I would use our imagination and our Memaws things to have the most fun.

For example, when we were at Memaw Ione's we pretty much ran the show! (not in that bratty Verruca Salt way...but the lets kids be kids way)

I remember grabbing old paper bags and cleaning out the pantries to play "grocery store".
My sister and I once took out the screen window that led to the back porch and served snow cones (pieces of ice wrapped in napkins) and pickles through it to all of our relatives.
My Nanny (great-grandma) had this really cool tray from Las Vegas. She would let us use it to play "restaurant". Our menu consisted of spam on saltines with cheese and water or tea!

By the way, did I mention my first car was a riding lawn mower with the blade removed?!? I'd cruise around memaw and pepaws backyard like I was the coolest thing since sliced bread!

I could go on for days!

Just typing this warms my heart and makes me feel so close to my family, even though I live so far away. It also makes me miss my memaw (who was taken from us, by Cancer, 7 years ago in November) A LOT!

What kind of fond childhood memories do you guys have stored away??? Try digging some up, you will be pleasantly surprised at how it makes you feel!
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  1. I love those old rotary phones! I used to love playing with the phone my grandparents had! :)

  2. What great memories! I loved re-living them with you. Thanks for sharing!