Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off My Chest

It's four a.m.
I'm having trouble sleeping.
I have a lot on my mind.

I just watched the final episode of Sex and the City (for about the umpteenth time) it never gets old.

I'm thinking of taking classes and getting certified in Wedding and Event Planning. If you have had fun at one of my parties...HOLLA!
BIG is on TV now, who didn't love Tom Hanks in that movie?!?
The rain has arrived in "tucky".
I have a great compulsion to rip the carpet off of my stairs....wanna help?!?
Who eats a salad at 3:30 a.m.?? Apparently I do.
I used to want a TON of traffic on my blog. But, I have been considering the realities of that lately. I like my small community. I have to remember that I am walking the path that is meant for me.

Why does it seem, as women, we are always trying to find the ever so elusive, delicate balance of all things in life.
Balance between being fit and having a great body and being able to eat what you want and not let working out consume you.
Balance between being all of the things you think others want you to be and staying true to who you really are without being labeled fake or bratty (the PC word for what I'd really like to type).
Balance between living your life as freely as possible and worrying that society might deem you as a "slacker".
Balance between wearing enough make-up so that you don't appear deceased and not wearing so much that you could pass for a 2 dolla....(shut yo mouf!)
Balance between moving forward without forgetting the memories that made you who you are.
Balance between spending and saving money.
Balance between figuring out who you have become without leaving behind who you were.

If I kept going we could be here the rest of the night (what little is left of it at this point).
Hopefully this will serve it's purpose.
Cathartic if you will.
That's the word of the day!
Until Then....

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