Wednesday, March 02, 2011

On The Table~Day 1

Cue the oh-so handsome George Straight's voice singing
"What's going on in your world?"
"I hope your doing fine"

Been a little while huh folks?!? No excuses here...the writing just didn't happen this week. But, I have found my way back and I have plenty to share.

Let's see.
So, I came up with this's called time to go on the hot and sexy bikini diet. I mean spring is most nearly upon us and followed by that summer and that can only mean one thing (or two or three or more things):

Tank Tops
Bathing Suits!!

All of which will expose my winter layers - that were necessary to combat this insane cold that exists in the "nawth". Let's face it people - I'm not ready for all that! I mean, I AM ready for warm weather! But, I'm NOT sure my shape is ready for skimpier clothes!!!

So, with all of the good intentions that I have, I planned to start my bikini diet on March 1. Woops! It was a busy day!

Welcome to March 2 - the bikini diet has officially kicked off with this evenings dinner choice! YAY!

Here is what was on my table tonight:

Honey Mustard Salmon with Parmesan Roasted Asparagus!

The most pleasant thing about this meal-- it was TASTY!
The second most pleasant thing about this meal-- it was GOOD for me!
The third most pleasant thing about this meal-- it was EASY!
The fourth most pleasant thing about this meal-- mine looked just as good as THEIRS!
The fifth most pleasant thing about this meal-- OK I'm out of pleasant things!

But, it really was so awesome! I got the recipe from the "Cook This, Not That" book! Insert good news here!!! You don't have to shell out money for the book to get this recipe! A few of the books more famous dishes (including this one) can be found by following the link above!

I also threw out alllll the temptations lurking in my cupboard! Thank goodness the neighbor boy was around and likes mini powdered donuts! I may have shed a tear if I'd had to toss them in the can!

Some of you may be asking "What diet are you following?" or "What are you choosing to eat and not eat?" Give a round of applause for:

I have decided to go with a meal plan that I read about in "The Four Hour Body".
It's basically a zero carb/minuscule sugars diet.
So you get the gist.
All the meat, veggies, eggs, and beans a gal can handle!!!
Plus, one cheat day a week! How awesome is that?!?

I have already decided to commit to the diet for the next 30 days. At that point I will measure my progress and reassess. I'm actually pretty excited about it! I feel like this will really push the envelope when it comes to learning to be more creative in the kitchen!
photo courtesy of

And...terror of all terrors. Tomorrow I am going to take my measurements! (scary enough right ladies?!?)
But I have to take it up a notch....I'm going to post you and all the world to see.
I have got to up the accountability big time! (also a suggestion from the 4HB)
No worries though, I am going to do it and I am going to be proud of whatever those numbers are!

Anyone with me?!? Well you don't have to post your numbers silly!! But, how many of you are gearing up for summer in your own way?!? What kind of diet and exercise plans are you trying?!? I couldn't resist doing SOMETHING when that Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Catalogue arrived!

Until Then....


  1. Way to go eating healthy! Hope you get the results you're looking for. That salmon sure does look good, thanks for sharing the link to the recipe.

  2. FYI I'm off to Nicaragua Saturday. Major fail on early bikini diet warning... only you will suffer when you see the facebook photos... you brought this upon yourself...