Friday, March 04, 2011

On the Table~Day 2

Phew! there were just a couple tiny moments today where I was feelin the weakness! :-/

But, thanks to my WONDERFUL hubster...I made it through the day successfully!

Here is what ended up on our table today.


Brunch Scramble from Taste of Home.

The recipe was fine. I substituted in a few egg whites for the real thing. The real problem was that I'm not/nor have I ever been a breakfast gal. I just can't eat in the morning! But, staying true to my plan I needed to eat within the first hour of being awake...So, I tossed it down and went on with the day.


Thai Lettuce Wraps from Cook This, Not That!

These were true to form! SOOOO GOOD!! I didn't even THINK of a tortilla while I was eating these! The steak was perfectly cooked (thanks in part by me but also thanks to the great cooking guide) and the sirachi sauce was freakin amazing!!! Bummer though, this recipe isn't online. Womp Womp!

Around bed time I started to hit a major wall. I wanted to eat again..which, I could because I only ate twice. So, I had some carrots and radishes...appetizing huh?!? LOL!

Nothin doin...I broke down and had some peanut butter with celery. I don't think I was supposed to eat the PB but it totally hit the spot! My mood lifted and I felt full even though I didn't eat alot! YAY!
I think I was experiencing a lil sugar with-draw...I mean what did I expect?!? I just gave up soda, carbs, and powdered donuts COLD TURKEY! YOINKS!

But, I made it! So, five claps and a snap for me!

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