Sunday, March 06, 2011

TV Talk

Was anyone else as entertained as I was by Gary Busey on The Celebrity Apprentice tonight?!?

When I first heard that he was on the cast my brain only had two thoughts: HOT - MESS!!!
But, I was I was pleasantly surprised and definitely not disappointed!

Surprising to me..Did Lil Jon and Nene seem sorta quiet in the board room?!? I expected nothing less than a ruckus from those two!

Not surprising to me... Richard was arrogant and rude and LaToya was a lil on the strange' (pronounced strha-n-jai) side! Did you see those board room thigh high boots?!? Oh my! And I do believe she may have been the first person to ever call Mr. Trump "Donald" in the board room!

In other television bff and I will be having a Bachelor finale party next Monday! And, in spite of what In Touch says, we still love Emily!

We are going to make tee's that say "Team Emily"!
Wanna join?!?

I'm bummed cause my "starries" (pronounced stories) are all on hiatus.
Grey's Anatomy
(which I can't get enough of)

One Tree Hill

What are you guys watching on Monday?!?
Or any other day for the matter??
What are your TV faves??

Happy Monday my Peeps!

Until Then...



  1. Hi there!!! I am stopping by from FTLOB!

    My fiance and I just got into this season of the Bachelor and have quickly caught up on the previous episodes the past three nights (we clearly have too much time on our hands)

    Anyways, we are GO TEAM EMILY all the way! This post made me giggle, thanks!!

    kym @

  2. Pepperoni Profit!!