Monday, April 18, 2011

Interested...What an Understatement

Happy Monday Folks! 
I guess for some of you Monday is near it's end. 
I know, slow on the blogging go today.
I think that I just may be coming out of my fog.
What fog is that you ask?!? 

The weekend Pinterest marathon I decided to have all by myself!
Good grief that place is addicting!
Some of you might remember me talking about Pinterest before
( I still have some invites if anyone needs one!)
Anyway, I liked it then. 
But, I may be having a secret affair with it now.
Well, I guess it's no secret now!!!! 

I pretty much stop by at LEAST once a day.
After I leave that website I feel so excited, motivated, and inspired! 
This next statement may be a little shocking to some of you....
But, it's almost like it helps you figure out little things about yourself that you might not have known!
Did that make any sense?!?
You just start pinning away and then all the sudden you can see patterns in the things you have pinned!
Like I like all things sweet, spicy, and fun.
(Wait, I think I might have known that)
Okay, I seem to have a slight reliance on boyfriend jeans, slouchy shirts, cardis, and big ol bags!
Don't we all?!?

Here is a lil shot of some of my latest pins.

I have a board that is just OVER FLOWING with yummy beautiful looking recipes that I need to try
it has done WONDERS for my fashion sense (along with all the other so savvy fashion bloggers)!!
Would you just LOOK at the gorgeous dress there!!!
Oh no, I think I MAY need a Pintervention!!
Wanna get hooked too?!?
You can follow my pin boards by clicking the link on my side bar.

Until Then......

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  1. Just letting you know I gave you an award on my blog! :)