Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode to Life

I am feeling the need to write.
But, I'm not sure what to say. 
I have so many questions.
I am not sure there are any answers.

The one year anniversary of my papaw's death was the first weekend of this month.
He passed away one day after Easter, 2010.

Shortly there after the anniversary, my dear friend lost her granny.
She lived for 90 lovely years in good ol' Georgia.

One short week later we found out that my husband's grandmother was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
After a few days of treatment and blood transfusions she returned home.
She battled with Alzheimer's for several years.
Today, one day after Easter, she joined the Lord.

The same day that we heard of Grandma Ruth's Leukemia diagnosis, my best friend's
(who has become family over time) 
father suffered a small stroke.  
This is his second, after a large one several years ago.
My friend is now contemplating quitting his career, which he was born to do, and putting graduate school on hold to move home and assist his parents.

During the same week, a family member was put into the hospital with severe chest and arm pain.
He went into surgery to have stents placed into his arteries.
After the surgery was over the Dr. told him that the walls of his arteries were "paper thin" from years of diabetes.
He suffered complications the day after, but has since returned home to recover.

All at once, my heart feels so heavy. 
I wonder why so much happens at once.
I wonder why so close to home.
I wonder if I am being a good enough friend, wife, and daughter-in-law during these great times of need.
I wonder if I could do more.

I think about how precious life is.
How, to me, it is so important to soak up each moment that we have on this earth with each other.
Because, you wake up one morning, and it is all gone.
All you have left are the memories.
And hopefully, those memories are filled with joy and void of regrets.

So, here is to life.
May you live it to the fullest.
May you love with all your heart.
May you have peace.

I hope this post has done my loved ones justice.
They were and are magnificent people
and all hold a very special home in my heart.
Until Then....

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