Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank the Lawd

(that's Jess speak for Lord by the way!)
Hey ya'll!
Comin to you straight from Generator Land!
We are going on hour 53 of no electricity!
See, my folks have an electric water heater so that means COLD showers! 

But, no worries.
The most important thing is that everyone here is safe, sound, and healthy.
We were able to get my parents garage and shop cleaned out today enough to fit all of our cars inside.
(why yes, we are still unpacking boxes, but that is of no great concern!)
That makes for much less worry of hail damage (yucky)

While straightening up we found the gas powered generator my daddy has! 
We filled her up
and went to pluggin in the fridge and a lamp right away!
Oh yea and my precious wireless modem!
My dad is good to me! 

Check this out.....
This tree is RIGHT behind my dad's shop!
Lightening struck the poor thing sometime during all the chaos!
Bless it's heart!
(I really just wanted to bless somethings heart!)

The down side to all of this.
What does one do when there is nothing else to do?!?
Wait, is that only me?!?
It's you too! Okay good!
I had Whataburger and Cinnamon Donuts!

But, I am getting very creative now!
Because once I'm done here I am going to get my daily pinning addiction on.
The iPad's charged and fully downloaded.
The iPhone is ready to roll.
and if all else fails I still buy books in hard back too :)
oh! or I could paint my nails!
They are looking a little shabby!
(Whoa I can't believe I just let you see that!)

Then, when the sun comes up,
I'm going to run until allllll the calories I have eaten fall off.
(okay, maybe not that far-but FAR I tell you! ;)

Until Then....


  1. oh man cold showers??? no fun.. we are doing an exercise week on our blog this week and would love for you to link up and tell us about your {long} runs and how you keep fit!! your blog is so much fun we love it!

  2. Omg!! Where are you that you get Whataburger?! I'm so jealous! We had lightning strike a tree behind our house 2 weeks after we moved in. We, however, were unlucky and the whole thing came down on the house! Glad that didnt happen to your dad's shop and glad ya'll are all o.k!