Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm For Wednesday 2nd Edition

Happy Wednesday Pretties!!!

How many of you read my first "What I'm For" post last week?!?

If you didn't, do not fret!
This is only week 2 and you can join in the fun any time you like!!
All you have to do is blog about things that you are for and then link up here!
This week I was able to create a button for you guys to add to your post!
Go ahead, grab one and have some fun!


I'm for laundry drying in the sun,
but when that's not possible,
the clean smell of detergent filling your house while it hang dries inside!

I'm for getting your teeth cleaned every six months,
buying gifts "just because",
and music in the mornings, just to cheer you up.

I'm for watching 40's musicals on late night TV,
the sound of my snoring dogs at the foot of my bed,
and skipping the house cleaning once in awhile to do something fun instead!

I'm for capturing memories in photos,
summer nights on the patio,
and always striving to be good at what you love.

The possibilities are endless!
How about you?!?
I would LOVE to hear what you are for!

Until Then...

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