Thursday, May 05, 2011

I'm Lovin It

You know what trend I am actually excited to see come back?!?
The tuck!!!
Yep, I like to tuck in shirts!
The secret is out.
There are ways to tuck that look so cute!
Then, there are those not so cute ways.
I promise to avoid the not cute!

But, look at these! 
The sloppy half tuck!!! Love it! 
Just perfect for me!
The slouchy shirt with a cute skirt tuck!
I've got this one callin my name from my closet as we speak!
And, the front tuck with no belt and that's okay tuck!!

The come back of "the tuck" is just perfect to camouflage that pudge that I'm trying to work off!!

And, a couple of other exciting fashion tid bits.

I got the Merrell running shoes that I mentioned in this post!
I am so excited to try them out in the morning!

Also, I'm going to participate in my very first Everybody, Everywear on May 10th!
We voted on the fashion trend to showcase and florals won out!!!!
I think I have the perfect outfit-but I think I may need to style it up SJP style in order to make it different!
Wanna play???
Go here!
Until Then.......

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