Monday, May 23, 2011

The Least We Can Do

I wanted to stop by today to share some info with you,
I am listing some websites that you can visit in order to help out with disaster relief.
I know many of you have heard of the terrible flooding and tornadoes that have crippled much of the country.
States all along the Mississippi River are desperately trying to recover from extreme flooding, 
Alabama ensued damage from deadly tornadoes,
and most recently Joplin, Missouri was pummeled by what meteorologists are calling
the single deadliest tornado to strike the country in sixty years.

All of this humbles me as I drive from place to place to pick up groceries,
shower in the comfort of my own home with hot water, 
and pull the covers up around my chin at night.

This is not the first devastation this country has seen, nor will it likely be the last.
But, there is something we can do to help.
No matter how near or far you are,
or how big or small your donation.
It all counts.
Even one single penny 
from thousands of people can add up 
to help return the small comforts to families that have lost so much.

As you know, all things Southern are very near and dear to my heart. 
And this is no different.

Here are a few ways that you can help.

redpepper has designed bracelets and tee shirts
with the message
in which ALL proceeds help those affected by the Alabama storms.
Not only does it do a kind deed...the tee's are super cute!
Mine is on it's way!
Click the tee to be taken to the website in order to donate and get your own!

Here is an Every Action Counts website through MTV that lists several different ways to help
Mississippi River flood victims.
There are direct links and information so that one could
donate money,
donate goods,
host a drive,
or personally volunteer!

Also, there are several different ways to help out in Missouri.
This website gives instructions on  how you can
dial in,
go online,
or even snail mail a donation! 

Anyone can help, with anything! 
If you decide to or already have make/made a donation or help in your own special way
please let me know by leaving a comment!
The more information we have the better we will do!


  1. Amen sister! I am purchasing a shirt right now =)

  2. Hi Jess~

    You are right that every bit adds up! I can't believe all the devastation that area has gone through in such a short time~ it is so sad. :( My heart goes out to all that have been touched by these storms.