Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Latelies-Late Night Edition

O Wow...
I have no words for what you are about to witness
(well except for these next few)
anyway, it's my first Video Blog (vlog) EVER!!

I did it because I have been slightly obsessed with this lately.
Bex, (isn't that just the coolest name!)
has been posting Thursday Latelies for a few weeks now.
Basically, it's just a time to celebrate and keep some of your favorite things and moments at the forefront of your mind!
Which, I say- we could all use a little of! 

I decided to link up this week!
Here are a few thoughts about my vlog-
"Couldn't home girl put some make up on for you guys?!?"
or at least a little concealer and mascara?!?

I hope you enjoy my shoe sound effects
the lovely shot and angle of my nose! 

Let the video-ness commence.

First Vlog EVER from Jess on Vimeo.

How was that one for a first ever vlog!
Anyway, I hope you guys liked it and look forward to Thursday Latelies again!
Here are a few links to the products I mentioned and the Style Bloggers I'm L-O-V-I-N!!

XOXO Watch (similar)

(they're having a baby!!!!)

and those are just a few!!! :)
Seriously though, let me know what you thought of the vlog!
Until Then...


  1. you are hilarious so witty and absolutely adorable!
    I'm glad you linked up because now I know you exist ;)
    that is a killer deal on the watch! i've been longing for a rose gold watch myself for a while now but i must admit i've had my eye on a hefty priced one. yours is a beautiful watch with a very beautiful price tag!
    good job to you sweet shopper you!

    see you next Thursday,

  2. Great video! I am totally going to JCP now! I love that watch! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Jess! That was a great blog video! I love this idea of sharing by video what you think, what you like, etc. AND I love your running shoes! I had never heard of those before. Do you think they would work for long, fast walking? My current "tennis" shoes are cute, but after walking a long time, my feet really hurt! The shoes just don't stand up to the task! I wonder if they make "walking barefoot" shoes? That would be such a good change!

    Thanks for showing us this video again. It was fun to match the voice with the face, and get to know you better! :) I will be back again soon!