Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well I Declare

Sorry that I haven't been here lately.
See, I was having some much needed
very enjoyed
time with my hubby!!

I watched him graduate from a training course,
with honors by the way!
He's really smart!
Then, we took a two day road trip home.
Just us and the pups.
Great time for conversations!
He told me that he thinks I am a
renaissance woman!
Made my heart smile!

After we got home we did this together! 
That, is our little vegetable garden!
It may not look like much now, but just you wait!
This year we planted
corn and squash,
tomatoes and peppers
jalapenos and sweet potatoes
cucumber and
Texas Sweet Onions (my personal fave)
oh, and some surprise pumpkins were sprouting! 
(Thanks to an old pumpkin we tossed out to compost last year!)

We grabbed up a strawberry and raspberry plant as well.
It'll be our first time trying those out!
We also bought two apple trees last summer.
(They cross pollinate one another so you need two!)
We aren't really sure if they will produce this year.
But, here is to hopin! 

So, now, can you see why I haven't stopped by lately?!?
Do you forgive me?
Oh, and that crazy blogger mishap...
that threw me for a real loop! 

Happy Wednesday!

Until Then.....


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