Friday, October 18, 2013

# not so spooky

Happy Friday guys! I think it's safe to say that most of us are gearing up for Halloween by now! For those of you who might be counting, you already know, but for those of you that aren't, its only THIRTEEN days away!!!

Any who, I have been working on sprucing up our front porch and I wanted to post a little progress pic!

I tossed in a pinch of spooky to my mainly traditional fall motif. All of the pumpkins are real with the exception of the "trick or treat" one. Isn't that heirloom pumpkin to die for?!? Two years ago I made the Halloween wreath using supplies purchased from a local craft store and things I had lying around in my craft room. And, can you believe I tried to sell that wooden stool in a garage sale this summer?!? Good thing no one wanted it! Turns out, I still did! I think it's coming along nicely but it definitely needs MORE!

I have a few things that I have yet to put out that will hopefully give it more of a Halloweeny vibe rather than just a Fall feeling. I noticed in these photos that there seems to be a bit of a void up top because most of the decor is placed on the ground. I have just the thing in mind! I recently came across a Pottery Barn Knock Off tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, House of Smiths, for a flying crow mobile!!!

How fun right!?! I think it has the perfect mix of whimsical creepiness!!!
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  1. Super cute decor..I so long for a front porch to decorate! My decor is so lacking this year!

    1. Thanks Kallie! I have to say there have been many years my decor was nil to none! And two that really stick out in my head was when I was pregnant and the first year after having my son!!! There is so much change going on! I couldn't keep up! But, it all evens out, I promise! :)