Friday, February 28, 2014

Healthy Habits Challenge by DAAT Fitness Gal

Hey y'all! You made it to the Healthy Habits Challenge info post! I love it! So let me just get right down to the nitty gritty!
I think it's safe to say you have found yourself reading this post because you are interested in creating some healthy new habits for yourself. I want to start off by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form a fitness trainer, a certified nutritionist, or expert in this field. I myself have fat to burn and unhealthy eating habits. I like food - and to be honest - I don't intend to change that! I don't think you should give up the things you love either.
Although I am "NOT" a lot of things - here are some things that I am. I am a gal who decided to take a leap into this little self made business because I believe I can help others to achieve goals and become the people they want to be by walking through hand tailored client specific journeys side by side, as people learning, growing and changing together; rather than a teacher/student type scenario.
I struggle with defeating old habits. I have days of low motivation. I get caught up in the punches life throws at me and get blown off track. I make the easy choice - because it's just that - easy. I am you - and if I'm not you, I promise to work hard to understand you. I believe, it may just be these very imperfections that will enable me to be the best coach possible! I plan to use my fire to help you, as fuel, when I struggle, to over come it. To find unique, but realistic, and attainable tools to help you over come your challenges! I know that we are all leading busy lives. Some of us have little kids, busy careers, households to run and support, or may be attending school, the list could get long! Some of us face all of these things and more! I aim to help you achieve success inside your "real" life with "real" solutions.

Now that you have heard my sincerest promises - let me tell you a little about the very first (and soon to be many) DAAT Fitness Gal Challenge! It will be a 3 week kick start plan in which we will focus on making small gradual changes in our thought patterns, nutrition habits, and fitness routines. I will create a special Facebook group in which I will issue daily challenges and tasks to set you up for success in your personal goals. We can share tasty recipe ideas, fun workout tips and routines, and motivating thoughts! Doing this as a group with allow us to become each others biggest cheer leaders! You won't have to work on this alone! There will be several others who are experiencing things right along side you! Oh, and have I mentioned, I won't just talk the talk....I'll be walkin' the walk too!

I don't know about you - but as a part of my very Leo personality - I hate the feeling of being held accountable to anyone other than myself! Sounds funny I know, but my free spirit just bucks against anything that may seem like it may fence me in! If this sounds familiar - let me reassure you that there will be none of that here! For you, this challenge group will be about meeting your own goals on your own time in a social setting! (I love being social! ;)
IF you are a person who succeeds when, and enjoys, being held accountable then let me reassure you, there will be plenty of that here! For you, this challenge group will be about checking tasks off a list in order to meet your goals with assistance from me and the camaraderie of others!

So, all of these things being said - if this sounds like something you would like to move forward with - here is your very first mission, should you choose to accept it.
Take some time to develop a personal health or fitness goal. I'd like for you to keep it extremely simple to begin with and as we work through the challenge we can refine and add to it. So, it may
sound something like this.
-I want to make healthier food choices.
-I want to begin taking supplements or vitamins.
-I want to start or improve my workout routine.
These are just a few examples but I want you to know there is NO WRONG WAY to set a goal! The fact that you are even setting one is a success!!!

Once you have decided on your personal starting point I'd like you to private message me on Facebook and let me know the goal you have chosen and what fears you have about achieving it successfully.
This will allow me to customize your personal success plan and start a dialogue with you about successfully achieving your goal during our first challenge!
I cannot wait to hear from you all!
Until Then....

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