Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey y'all! I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the 30 Day Push Challenge by the freakin incredible Chalean Johnson, but, I am working my way through it now! It's a 30 day program that helps you master organization and achieve your goals. Today, on day 6, I was tasked with making my goal list public and making a public promise to those who I care about and will be affected the most as I achieve those goals. The list is worded as if I have already finished them, I am speaking my success into existence! Also, the goals are yearly goals. If you are here then I care about you greatly and I want to promise that I will be successful! Here goes nothing.....

1. I will weigh 125 lbs. and have a flat stomach by following the 80/20 clean eating rule.
2. I will have kept depression and funks managed by exercising, clean eating, and pushing through.
3. I have rid the house of clutter and excess objects by selling, donating, and organizing.
4. Russ and I are adding money to savings monthly rather than taking by making careful, planned purchases.
5. I have written and sent cards and notes to friends, family members, and clients 1 time a week for the entire year.
6. Russ and I have committed to 2 date nights a month and 1 vacation this year.
7. I am a Diamond Coach and have made Success Club every month.
8. I have listened to coach call, one SUCCESS or Platinum Presenters audio, and written 2-3 blog posts weekly.
9. I have committed to daily no technology time with Ridge and 1 family event weekly with no cell phones.
10. I have earned $5,000 towards my Caddy!
11. I have committed to reserving Sunday evenings for meal prep and schedule prep and have stuck with my planned schedule 80/20.

I am sharing these goals as an added layer or accountability, if I shared them with you then that means I don't want to let you down! Thank you all for "pushing" me! Until Then...

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