Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 of my Favorite Ways to Relax and Refill

As parents and home makers the word relax may be foreign! It is SO easy to get caught up in our day to day routines. Houses to be cleaned, kids to be fed, bills to be paid, .... that list could get long, FAST! Each night before we tuck our son into bed we read a "Very Veggie Devo for Boys" to him! Tonight's devotion was dedicated to Laughter! There was one particular sentence that really hit home for me!

"If you're laughing, that does not mean that you are unconcerned about people who may be hurting. It simply means that you have taken a little time to have fun, and that's good because God wants you to have a joyful heart!"

Wow!!! Taking time to do things that create in me a joyful heart, is important to my God! How freeing is that idea!?!? It takes away a lot of guilt for me! The idea that if I'm treating myself or having a good time - then I must be ignoring my obligations is simply NOT TRUE! I'm actually honoring my obligation to the Lord by creating joy in my heart!!!  So, as a part of this weeks P31 Blog Hop I decided to compile a list of 10 ways that I relax and refill myself - in order to plant that joy right where it's supposed to be!

1. Beautify myself! I know I'm not the only one who feels better after I get a nice hair style, pedicure, or manicure! It doesn't have to be costly or expensive! Just find some alone time and swipe on a few coats of polish at home! I have also been known to go in the bathroom without bangs and come back out with them! I wouldn't recommend trying that for just anyone!!! :)  Heck, there have even been times when a nice shower and a set of freshly shaved legs have done wonders! 

2. Read, enrich your mind. It doesn't matter what you are reading! A book, the Internet, a blog, a magazine, the back of a Dorito's bag!!! As long as you are enjoying it you are on the right track! 

3. Exercise! Take a walk or run. Pop in an at home DVD or meet a friend at the gym! Physical activity releases endorphins which mean joy is going to be running rampant! Yoga and meditation can really relax you! Corpse pose....AMEN! 

4. Indulge in your favorite TV show! Have a good laugh or catch up on the latest plot twist! 

5. Hang out with friends! Any activity with a great friend turns into a GREAT activity! 

6. Take a nap! I mean how many of us could raise our hands and say we are tired RIGHT now?!?! I'm a firm believer in napping when my kiddo naps! Good sleep does wonders for me! 

7. Plan a date or a getaway for you and your husband! My husband and I just took our first adult only vacation for the first time since our son was born. I was ecstatic to get home to see my son and I felt like a new woman returning from that time off! I was ready to tackle anything and kick things up 5 notches! 

8. Let the chores slide. One thing I know - they sure don't do themselves! They will wait for you! What won't wait for you are those little moments with your family! I know I don't have to tell you all - but those moments are fleeting! I sure want to soak them up as much as I can! 

9. Work on a hobby. Crafting, photography, painting, dance?? What's your flavor? It's sure to bring you joy! 

10. Spend time with God!! There is a reason I leave church feeling on top of the world! Spending time with Him as often as you can is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied! 

I am really loving this study! Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your love!
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  1. I sooo love how the devotional charged you up to write the 10 points. An awesome list. I, too by the way do my own bangs. ;-) The must do is a get away with the hubby...unfortunately I have a two week old in when I'm done with the nursing...I will make this happen. Number 10 is a given, sitting under the Word always refreshes me. Thanks for posting! Blessings!

  2. great list!! yes we do need to relax! I sew and it really helps me! I love this study too, I find the book really full of great piece of advice.

  3. Jess - Cute blog today. Loved the veggie tales devotion and although it is for kids isn't God good to send you a message just in time - a reminder of joy and you nailed it showing us how we can relax and joy and you did it without us spending lots of money. Thanks for sharing - loved your 10 steps - awesome - and all so easy. Now let's go relax. Debbie W. Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team).

  4. Great list! I love your point one to beautify yourself. I always try to look my best but I have to admit when I spend extra time on a facial or my nails, I still feel a little guilty about it! How silly! Thanks for the reminder! Blessings, Karen

  5. Jess, thank you these wonderful suggestions! They are not only for Mom's but all busy women.

  6. Hi Jess!! Love your list!! My hubby and I are working on #7 and one of my favorite ways to relax and get re-inspired is #9. I try to start each morning with #10 - it's my power breakfast! :) Thanks for sharing this week! xoxoxo ~Shelly (OBS Team)

  7. Great list! Why do us moms feel guilty sometimes for taking the time for ourselves? I love the devotion about having a joyful heart! And giggled that yes, sometimes shaved legs can give us that! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome list! Great blog :D
    I always make sure I take some time out for myself. If I don't take care of myself how am I supposed to take care of others? lol