Monday, December 22, 2014

Just WHAT it is I do!!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "I'm not really sure what it is you do." or "So what is this fitness thing you do?" I'd have several more dollars! It's a very common question so I thought I'd give you guys the answer, once and for all! :)

In a nut shell, I help people.

I help people develop and regain their health.
I help people develop and regain confidence.
I help to End the Trend.
I help people become more organized.
I help people to see that WHAT EVER they want, can become a reality.
I help people develop plans.
I help people over come.
I help people to feel their purpose again.
I believe in paying it forward.
I offer lasting results in exchange for hard work.
I coach you!

I help families.
I help moms.
I help dads.
I help college gals.
I help teachers.
I help old friends and new friends.
I help anyone who has a goal to reach and wants to work towards it!

What I don't do.
I don't do the work for you.
I don't offer you a quick fix or a magic pill.
I don't make a buck and then drop you.
I don't even focus on the buck so much.
In fact, I donated all of my December earnings to my Church!

You might be asking "Okay, but HOW?!?"

I run my own health and fitne
ss business. I use at home workout programs,  a daily nutritional powerhouse shake, and clean eating methods to get results! I coach you through the use of these programs or meal plans every step of the way (no matter if you live next door to me or you live across the country!). I run online accountability groups to close the gap between success and quitting. Did you know that one of the biggest reason's people don't see their goals come to fruition is a lack of accountability?!?

Why not do something different in 2015?
If I had all the money back from years past, when the New Year rolled around and I'd commit to a gym and never go, I'd be a rich girl (or at least have enough to buy a couple designer bags!)!
Why not give working out from home a try?
Why not let ME guide you and hold you accountable in 2015??

If you think you want to take a chance on something new - something that I PROMISE will change your life, let me know!

Until Then....

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